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Mountains of clothes but nothing to wear? Check out this list next time you Emotional shopping does not lend itself to good decision-making. If you've just had an argument with your partner, best avoid the shops until you feel centred. Even extreme highs are to be avoided, as you're unlikely to still think you "look a bit like Kate Moss wearing that" when you get home and come off the high (unless the high is from winning Lotto, in which case go for it). Avoid shopping if you're hungry, uncomfortable and tired as your decision-making will be impaired. As for retail therapy, which I define here as shopping to lift one's spirits, do it if you know you can afford to make some mistakes. 2. AVOID PRESSURE-TO-BUY SHOPPING. Shopping last minute for a special event, or with limited time within which you feel you must make a purchase, rarely results in good decisions. Open-ended shopping on the other hand, where it doesn't matter if you buy something or not, makes more sense. Better still, shop "by accident" on purpose, when you don't need anything but have a list (see 3 below to make more sense of that sentence).

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The retailer’s new chief executive, Steve Rowe, said more than 100 UK stores were in the firing line as part of a wider shakeup designed to end a long-running slump in clothing sales and devote more space to its more successful food business. He outlined plans to open 200 new Simply Food outlets. M&S refused to identify which 30 “full-line” stores – which sell clothing, homewares and food – are to close or identify the 45 outlets that will be converted into food stores. The chain has 304 full-line stores and the closures and conversions will take five years to complete. M&S hangs up its fashion aspirations after series of faux pas The retailer is also looking to relocate underperforming stores. Overall, the changes will mean a reduction of 10% in the floorspace devoted to racks of skirts, jumpers and trousers, with the plan expected to cost £150m over three years. The turnaround plan outlined by Rowe also includes the closure of 53 loss-making overseas stores in 10 countries. They include 10 stores in China, seven in France and others in Belgium and Hungary, resulting in 2,100 job losses. Only company-owned stores in Ireland, Hong Kong and the Czech Republic will be spared. The embattled retailer intends to put clothing and food on an equal footing with same amount of selling space devoted to both sides of the business. Currently two-thirds of its floor space is given over to racks of clothing and homewares.

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